The programme for the current year.


Thurs. 12th September Members’ Evening, Letter “C” and Bourse

Thurs. 26th September Neil Sargent – QV Stamped-to-Order Envelopes

Thurs. 10th October John Gledhill – A-Z of GB Overprints

Thurs. 24th October Bristol Fed. 9 Sheet Competition

Thurs. 7th November Visit from Newport

Thurs. 21st November Carol Turner – North Borneo Part 3

Thurs. 12th December Philatelic Quiz & What else do I collect, Raffle and Festive Fare!


Thurs. 9th January 1-Sheet Competition & Bourse

Thurs. 23rd January Ian Spencer – President’s Evening, Tasmania

Thurs. 13th February Roger Martin – Morocco

Thurs. 27th February Arlene Powell – Around the World in 80 Covers and Derek Brinkley – Borders of Yugoslavia

Thurs. 12th March Wilts Fed. 9 Sheet Competition

Thurs. 26th March James Hooper – Bohemia and Moravia

Thurs. 16th April Barry Stagg – Ups and downs of Parachuting

Thurs. 30th April Visit from Thornbury Society

Thurs. 14th May AGM & Wilts Fed 16 Sheet Competition

Thurs. 11th June Tony Stafford – The Bechuanalands

If you want to find out more or suggest items to be included in our programme please contact the programme secretary.