This consists of some 350 volumes of philatelic literature, and an alphabetical catalogue by subjects is available from the Hon. Librarian. Members are free to borrow books, but are asked to return them within four meetings unless an extension is arranged with the librarian. Suggestions for additions to the library are always welcome. The library catalogue has been split into sections:

The Tex Rickard Library, Index and Rules TR_library_INDEX-RULES

Section 1 Great Britain (GB) TR_library_GB
Section 2 Individual Countries (CON) TR_library_CON
Section 3 Catalogues (CAT) TR_library_CAT
Section 4 General Topics (GEN) TR_library_GEN
Section 5 Ship Mail (SHIP) TR_library_SHIP_AIR_FORG_THM
Section 6 Airmails (AIR)
Section 7 Forgeries (FORG)
Section 8 Thematics (THM)

Library Rules

  1. Only Bristol Philatelic Society members may borrow books.
  2. Members must enter details of books borrowed in the loans book together with their telephone number or address.
  3. A member may borrow up to three books only.
  4. Books must be returned no later than four meetings after the original borrowing.
  5. Members are responsible for the care of books borrowed and will be required to pay for any damage or loss of books they borrow.
  6. Members failing to observe these rules may be barred from using the library at the discretion of the Society committee.